Many stories begin with a gift and so does Erbaflor’s.
One day a ten year old boy that was plowing a field on the family’s farm in Ovada, finds a black stone and understands that he must not be separated from that stone from that moment on. With the imagination of a child, he realizes he has received a gift. He begins to cure animals and collect the secret of plants and traditional medicine. For most of his life he works as a farmer but more and more people visit him asking for remedies for various ailments. He is known by everyone as a healer and becomes famous between lower Piemonte and Liguria.
After World War ll, he sets up a herbal laboratory next to his home and begins to reveal his secrets to his children.
His son Sebastiano studies Natural Science and creates the Erbaflor Brand.
In September 2007, Vittoria, first child of the 4th generation is born and in 2009 Sebastiano arrives in the Peruzzo Family consolidating the descendents of great herbalists.



Iginio Peruzzo with his granddaughter Irene who is in charge of the scientific sector of Erbaflor.

From mule driver to entrepreneur

The story that follows is a testimony of Gen. C. A. Giovanni Delfino, recently deceased, taken from the website Unione Nazionale Ufficiali in Congedo Sez. Di Bressanone.

Everything began when a veterinarian who was visiting a mule, concluded by saying it was no longer curable because he had a deep wound in its withers that was suppurated and so he declared its elimination. He took the mule to the artilleryman Iginio Peruzzo who asked me to leave the mule under his care so he could treat it and I consented. After a few days, the wound on which Peruzzo had applied the compresses of herbs that he had found in the woods, was healing. And so on with other wounded quadrupeds; in Peruzzo we found an excellent substitute to the veterinarian who was sometimes not easily available. Peruzzo told me he had learn to find and use herbal medicine when he was a boy, orphan of both parents and he began to follow and became the helper of an old man in his town who taught him all his “secrets”.
After the War between 1952-54, I went to visit him in Molare, where he had founded and opened a first class herbal shop and was known as a “healer”, with a vast clientele from every part of Italy and abroad. He told me that when he arrived in Molare, poor and penniless in 1945 he began gathering herbs and dedicated his life to healing people. In this period he met a university professor from Genoa whose son suffered from an incurable illness and with his herbs he healed him. The professor became his admirer and protector helping him to organize the herbalist shop and improve his culture. Today, there are half a dozen Peruzzo herbalist Shops around Alessandria managed by his relatives. Peruzzo died a few years ago.

Giovanni Delfino - Bressanone, 2006.


One among the first articles about Iginio Peruzzo, famous since 1975.

From La Stampa n° 135, 1975
Click here to download article in pdf format

Trip to Piemonte looking for simple wizards
“Miracles” of the black stone.
Iginio Peruzzo found the mysterious mineral when he was ten years old. Thanks to this and the herbs he became a famous healer in the entire Ovada Area.

Molare, 2 August 1975
(from our special correspondent)

A few meters from the rows of Dolcetto wine you can find Iginio Peruzzo’s house, ex-farmer and now healer from the Orba Valley. This seven month wizard, with an angular face, lives in Molare, in the heart of the Ovada hills.
About fifty customers from every corner of Italy visit his home every day.
They ask for herb teas to heal arthritis, and herbs for headaches and they wait in the shop next door, full of hundreds of vegetable cocktails. Peruzzo has had this new “office” for twelve years, since he left his parent’s farmhouse near Santuario delle Rocche (Sanctuary of the Rocche), a few years ago. His son Nino, who has a diploma in Herbal Medicine, helps him to write the prescriptions, because the old Iginio is better at diagnosing than writing.
Born in a family of farmers, he did not have the opportunity to attend school. At ten he helped his parents in the fields and at this age, as he himself recollects, he discovered to have a rare gift. As he was ploughing a field he found a black stone, most likely of a volcanic origin. He immediately understood without knowing why, that he would never separate from that stone. And with that stone he began to make magic recovery  on animals. Making it rotate three times on the neck of a cow, Iginio was able to heal the animal of tuberculosis. When he touched a furious bull with the stone, the bull calmed down. Young Iginio’s fame soon spread among the farms of Orba. Shortly from animals to human beings: after returning from his work in the fields, Iginio would treat many people from different ailments with the stone or with the help of herb potions gathered from the hills.
Poppy against insomnia, burdock to fight acne, fennel to treat kidney dysfunctions and many other herbs that became “magical” in the hands of Iginio. After many healings the seven month Iginio became the famous and popular “wizard of the Orba Valley”.
Iginio has always remained a shy farmer and he still blushes when he is called a Wizard. But he’s full of pride when he is asked to tell the stories of his miraculous healings. “Once – Peruzzo recalls – a man from Milano with leukemia was brought to me. He was desperate and the doctors had told him that he had only three months to live. I visited him and prepared a recipe with a herb mix. My patient lived for another ten years.”… Another miraculous healing is that of a lady from Torino that was able to heal from kidney stones in 15 days. The treatment? Decoctions and mixed herb potions from the Ovada and West Ligurian hills…

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